Weekend Recap: AWANA, Faire , and Spicy Shoes!

It’s Monday! Blah. I don’t have very much to post about today so I thought that I’d just do another weekend recap.

We kickstarted our weekend on Friday night with AWANA awards night where E received her first AWANA ribbon ever! I had so many doubts on whether she’d be able to hang when I first signed up at the beginning of the achool year. But this girl proved me soooo wrong – not only did she memorize her verses each week but she actually remembers all the verses from weeks previous! She’s got an amazing memory, this one.

We ended the night with some good ole McDonalds … Nothing tastes better than fast food late at night, am I right or am I right??!

On Saturday we went to our local community fair. Some of the fun stuff they had included a vintage car show, face painting, live music, and balloon animals!

After the fair, we took the kids for ice cream and then to the park to run out the rest of their energy. Honestly, E usually has therapy on Saturday mornings (we canceled it for this week) so it’s been a long time since we last just went out and enjoyed family time doing fun but no-pressure stuff like this.

On Sunday, I decided to be wild and wore my super neon pink high heels to church. I felt so fab and ON IT … Until about 2 hours later when I was literally limping back to the car after service because my feet hurt so bad. Sigh, and I can’t believe that I used to RUN around the streets of Seoul in high heels all day when I was 21. Ah, youth.

I hope you guys all had an amazing weekend, too!

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