Um… Hello?


Um, hello? It’s 2016? Happy holidays, happy new year, happy Wednesday.

If you haven’t noticed yet, I seem to go through cyclical waves with this blog – waves of posts where I can’t get them written out quickly enough, the words shooting out from my brain through my fingertips in a flurry, and then periods of silence where I can’t seem to find my inspiration or motivation. I know that January is almost over and New Years’ resolutions are already a passed trend, but I figured better late than never. At the end of each year, I typically like to reflect over the previous year and see what goals I can strive for in the new one. There are a few things that I’d like to grow in and improve on in 2016, such as my prayer life and reading the Word on a deeper level, but the most tangible thing I’d like to work on is this blog right here. For me, if I can just create and stick to some sort of consistent posting schedule, I will be happy with myself this year. I don’t know what that exactly is going to look like yet but wait for it .. I promise, good things are coming.

Also, the hubby & I are headed out of town for the next couple of days for a little “getaway” (I’m following J on a business trip). We’re dropping the kiddos off with their grandparents and heading off to Seattle just the two of us. I have a full spa day booked tomorrow and I am beyond excited for some peace and solitude – even away from J. As you can see, one of the other things that I’d really like to do is get a few blog posts written out so that I’ll have a few in my “queue” to get me started. I’ve got a list of blog topics burning a hole in my pocket and I think a few days away from my kids will give me the motivation I need to get those churned out.

2016, I’m excited for you!

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  1. janice February 2, 2016

    That is awesome news!!! so happy to hear.


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