Weekend Recap: AWANA, Faire , and Spicy Shoes!

It’s Monday! Blah. I don’t have very much to post about today so I thought that I’d just do another weekend recap.

We kickstarted our weekend on Friday night with AWANA awards night where E received her first AWANA ribbon ever! I had so many doubts on whether she’d be able to hang when I first signed up at the beginning of the achool year. But this girl proved me soooo wrong – not only did she memorize her verses each week but she actually remembers all the verses from weeks previous! She’s got an amazing memory, this one.

We ended the night with some good ole McDonalds … Nothing tastes better than fast food late at night, am I right or am I right??!

On Saturday we went to our local community fair. Some of the fun stuff they had included a vintage car show, face painting, live music, and balloon animals!

After the fair, we took the kids for ice cream and then to the park to run out the rest of their energy. Honestly, E usually has therapy on Saturday mornings (we canceled it for this week) so it’s been a long time since we last just went out and enjoyed family time doing fun but no-pressure stuff like this.

On Sunday, I decided to be wild and wore my super neon pink high heels to church. I felt so fab and ON IT … Until about 2 hours later when I was literally limping back to the car after service because my feet hurt so bad. Sigh, and I can’t believe that I used to RUN around the streets of Seoul in high heels all day when I was 21. Ah, youth.

I hope you guys all had an amazing weekend, too!

Weekend Recap

Over the long weekend, we took a trip to Southern California to celebrate my mother-in-law’s 60th birthday. My in-laws absolutely adore my kids and E, especially, LOVES her SoCal grandparents.

J’s side of the family has no girls so E is the only princess that family has seen for 30 years. To say she gets spoiled rotten (particularly by a certain grandpa of hers) is an understatement.

We didn’t do very much while we were with them … Just a lot of eating delicious Korean food and shopping :) My kids both seem to come back with brand new wardrobes every time we visit J’s parents. I got a chance to shop some Korean makeup, too, which I am really excited about. Maybe I’ll do a post about what I bought hehe.

Other than a special birthday dinner on Saturday night to celebrate my MIL, the only other signicant thing we did was visit downtown Disney. The kids both got some new toys and E got a new Sleeping Beauty dress. Like, I said .. spoiled.


Weekend Hangover

I have a real bad case of the Mondays today. The entire weekend was packed with this and that (especially Saturday); I hardly feel like I got a chance to catch my breath!

Saturday we met up with one of my closest friends who was visiting from out of town. We first met when we were 22; I had just started attending the church where she’d been a member since her college years. I spent the better part of a year crashed on her couch because she lived closer to church and it was hard for me to get to know people when I was constantly driving back and forth from where I lived at the time. Fast forward all these years later and we’re both married mamas with two babies each. She moved away a few years ago because her husband is in med school but he’ll be done next year and there’s a chance she’ll be coming back my way! I’m so excited I can hardly contain it … I’m praying REAL HARD the Lord brings her family back to our neck of the woods!


After brunch with her and her family, J & I swung by my parents’ house to drop off our kids there for an overnighter. I had a long list of to-do’s that I really wanted to tackle over the weekend and it was going to be easier to complete if we didn’t have two tiny humans competing for our attention. My parents love watching their grandkids and our kids loooove going over to their home because they basically let the kids walk all over them. Long story short, it turns out I was too ambitious with my to-do list because J & I ended up staying up until 1 am on Saturday night and we only got maybe half the stuff completed.

Sunday was a busy day with church and serving … and then I had a pre-planned girls night out dinner with my inner circle of girlfriends that I didn’t want to miss. We had mani/pedis and went out for dinner & ice cream. It was tons of fun but I was so tired that I’m still feeling the exhaustion today. Bleh.

Today is Monday and my kids having been doing strange shenanigans like this:



… and just giving me headaches and almost-heart attacks all day. Can’t wait until bed time :) Is it Friday yet?