Welcome To My Happy Place

Last week, I introduced E to my “happy place” … Can you guess where that is? Hahahaha. 

I’ve been wanting to take E to get her first REAL mani/pedi for awhile now and found the perfect excuse last week. 

She had her 5-year well check at the doctor’s office and I decided to not send her back to school for the morning and use the time to have a special date with her! It all worked out, too, because my mom was able to come to watch D while we were out so E really got some undivided attention from me. 

Her check up went beautifully. She’s healthy and growing like a weed; she grew THREE inches in the past year alone. Her pediatrician also has an adult son on the spectrum so I like that she has a personal connection with patients with autism. In general, E loves going to see her doctor. Her favorite part is when the doctor listens to her “boom-boom” (heartbeat) with a stethoscope. 

After the doctor’s visit, we headed over to the nail salon. Take a wild guess what color E chose. Just guess. (Hint- it rhymes with glue.)

She did amazing! I’ve painted her nails at home plenty of times so she already knew she needed to sit still and not touch anything. After hers dried she was so excited, she twirled around the salon over and over. It was really cute :)