You know how they say that children see everything that you do, even if they don’t say as much? I’d always wondered how true that really was …


We bought D this toy golf set a few months ago and it’s sort of been hanging out neglected in our yard since then. D liked to use the golf clubs as his little sticks more than anything else. He didn’t seem to grasp the concept of hitting the ball into the hole.

Well, lately my husband has taken to practicing his swing in our yard after dinner. He’s obviously always careful when the kids are around but I guess D took notice and something clicked for him with his own toddler golf set.

This kid. LOVES. GOLF. Hahahhaaha.

He totally grabbed that ball and set it up by himself. He even took a moment to collect his thoughts before swinging just like his daddy LOL.

And then when he was done he went and leaned his club against the house just like his daddy does. He was so proud of himself!

Maybe we’ve got a future golfer on our hands??

Or .. maybe not.