Girls & Autism

“Autism – It’s Different in Girls”

The other week, Hubby linked me this super interesting article on autism in boys versus autism in girls. I found it very fascinating as my own daughter is on the spectrum and very different than what I’d always imagined the typical autistic child to be like. From an early age (18 mos) I had a feeling her language was delayed, but unlike some of our friends who had boys on the spectrum, E never had any sensory issues, lack of eye contact, or disinterest in socializing. She was still diagnosed at a relatively early age (2 years old) but her pediatrician seemed very skeptical that anything was wrong and only agreed to evaluate because I’d been pushing for it for 6 months. If you have the time, read this article. It’s a really interesting look into how female and male brains present DIFFERENTLY with autism.

TL;DR – Brains of autistic girls look the same as brains of typically-developing boys. And in behavior markers, autistic girls tend to score within the normal range for a neurotypical boy but below that of a neurotypical girl.



  1. Brian Hayes March 28, 2016

    Boys seem to differ in the austism spectrum then girls do for some reason and I have seen this a lot since my time being around mostly boys then girls. I know only a handful of girls who match my intellect as some of the guys do. But I am glad that the number of girls in the world is increasing now then It was before during as I was growing up

  2. Janice March 29, 2016

    Interesting. I can see how it’s the case. The documentary I saw last night…the woman with autism was so different than the males in the film. She expressed herself so well, had great eye contact, etc.

    • mannaformommy March 30, 2016

      oh yea! i got your text, definitely want to check that movie out. thanks!! :)


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