Elsa, the Dinner Companion 

It took quite a bit of maneuvering around before E was able to balance Elsa next to her at the table. She refused to sit to eat dinner until Elsa was similarly settled down so I patiently waited for her to figure it out. After a few minutes, Elsa cooperated and E was happy to climb into her chair. But not before turning to Elsa and ordering her to, “Elsa. Wait here.” 

We’re seeing more and more little nuggets of spontaneous speech like this in E’s every day life or play. It is an utter and complete joy to see her little mind searching for the words she wants to use and working to piece new little phrases together. I don’t care if they’re only 2-3 word phrases or if she’s still at the verbal capacity of a 2 year old. It’s progress and it’s amazing to watch :)

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