D is at that adorable age when his language skills are blooming and he’s become very efficient at communicating. I’d say for a boy, his language is pretty advanced … but compared to those 2-year old girls, he nowhere close (hahaha).

Anyway, even though he has a pretty wide vocabulary, his pronunciation is still very baby-ish. It’s actually very adorable, so I thought it might be fun to document his version of some common words:

  • DD = his name (although very recently, he’s learned how to actually pronounce his own name correctly)
  • Farten = Spartan (our dog)
  • wah-lo = water
  • meck = milk
  • DDD = DVD
  • wah = want (“I wah ___ = I want ___)
  • ah-ssah = outside
  • swide = slide
  • choo choo = Cheerios

I feel like there are more but I can’t seem to think of them. In general, though, he can’t seem to pronounce his R’s and L’s … It’s pretty cute to hear him talk :)

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